Original Picture Spring Exhibit 2019


「Original Picture Spring Exhibit 2019」will be held on my website in late April. 


During the exhibition, original pictures from my cartoon (manga) will be sold,

using the internet auction. 

This is going to be my first attempt to exhibit and sell my work online as the last anniversary exhibition presented physical difficulties to travel for some of my fans who lived far away.


Details are as follows,


•We will sell the original pictures via Yahoo Auction 

•Each piece can be purchased at the “Buy It Now” price

•The exhibition period will be divided into two:


*1st  April 29th-May 5th


*2nd  May 1st- May 8th.


(Note: Which work will be for sale in which period will be informed later.)


【Exhibit works】


 •Original pictures from the latest Manga illustrations

• A card with the artist’s original signature and pictures (if requested the artist can also sign or draw on the spot for you)

•Post cards printed with the latest manga illustrations  




Get an original picture and make it your own on this occasion!


My auctions page url ↓